Why Sweven?

Why work with Sweven?

Today, companies are leveraging construction management to the maximum, contracting for a diverse range of services, including maintenance, inspection and testing, overseeing projects, gaining access to specialized expertise, pursuing extra helping hands during busy periods, and much more.

However, with the numerous providers available on the market and your need to select your construction management company thoroughly and carefully, what sets Sweven Construction apart?



Construction projects are always governed by a plethora of compliance requirements and regulations. We spare you the hassle of managing noncompliance issues that lead to delays and sudden work stoppage. We always take sufficient time to study compliance requirements that apply to your business from scratch. From building codes to safety regulations, we have a reliable system set in place to keep track of compliance data and ensure that all relevant stakeholders are aware of the rules and regulations. At Sweven, compliance is a piece of cake!

Fast Turnaround Time

With No Tradeoffs

Time can make or break a project’s success! At Sweven, we acknowledge the value of time advantage and ensure you reap the benefits of fast turnaround times to eliminate any risks of cost overruns or delays. We aggressively work to meet your deadlines while setting the seal on quality and corroborating high standards. Rely on us to follow your timelines diligently and deliver your project on-time, every time, thanks to our pool of talented experts that effectively handle any deadline pressures!

We Work

Your Plan

Reliability is the keyword when Sweven is your company of choice. By being exceedingly attentive to your requirements and project vision, we’re able to work round the clock to stay on top of all deliverables. We respect your urgency and understand your keenness on maintaining quality, which is why we serve as an extension of your team and work your plan to the fullest extent. We believe in the power of planning –– which is why we invest significant time to formulate a detailed action plan that enables us to execute the project in a systematically organized manner with the finest results.

Cost Saving While

Optimizing Resources

We work according to your budget! We look to optimize your current resources rather than add to them. After all, we’re in the construction management industry, and part of that management is the cost! Since your own profitability is considered our own, we provide you with as many cost-saving alternatives and benefits as possible and work to prevent any cost escalations during your project; rather, cost-effectiveness is the ultimate goal.



International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certificates serve to bear testimony to how quality, integrity, and responsible business take center stage in our operations. To date, Sweven holds three ISO certifications, namely: Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

ISO Quality Management System

ISO 9001-2015 is an international standard dictating the requirements for a quality management system (QMS). By obtaining this certification, Sweven demonstrates its ability to consistently and continuously provide quality services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. The ISO QMS standard is a plan-do-check-act methodology that entails efficiency in organizing processes, improving processes, and continuous improvement.

ISO Environmental Management System

ISO 14001-2015 specifies the requirements a company should fulfill to be able to lead an environmental management system that enhances its environmental performance. Since Sweven is persistent in managing its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner to contribute to sustainability and the environment, this certification testifies to the fact that Sweven fulfills its compliance obligations while achieving its environmental objectives simultaneously.

ISO Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Occupational health and safety are on top of the list when it comes to Sweven’s priorities. For that reason, we have successfully obtained the ISO 45001-2018 certification tailored for organizations that take employee safety, workplace risks, and working conditions seriously. Since then, we proactively improve our safety management systems and prevent all possible work-related injuries and health risks by eliminating hazards.



Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors

Sweven is proudly licensed at the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building contractors, the institution providing taxonomy and classification of contractors and contracting companies in addition to taxonomy services for contractors, members, and companies. Sweven possesses an advanced classification in tier-three for our integrated works services.


9 Points of Excellence

Competitive Pricing

Unprecedented Quality

Top-Notch Customer Service

Seamless, Hassle-Free Processes

Integrated Safety to the Last Mile

Convenience Every Step of The Way

Effective Channels of Communication

A Culture of Accountability and Transparency

Revolutionizing Construction Through Innovation