Product Lines

We believe that construction is an industry.

It undertakes to provide comprehensive solutions for every market experience by offering products that support this.

Product Line

Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

REM is a construction product line catering to clients looking to develop, refurbish, or establish new spaces to their existing projects without having to cease operations or terminate these projects. In light of this, our expert REM team habitually works after your project’s working hours and during weekends to keep your business going and growing, even when a concurrent project is in the works.

Product Line


When quality, passion, and innovation are the cornerstones of project execution, our clients are always advised to opt for our Lucid line. With high-quality finishing and exceptional quality and service being the highlights of your Sweven experience, we ensure that quality is optimized to its maximum heights to align the execution with your vision.

Product Line


At Sweven, each of us invests a part of ourselves that we’re experts at and allocate it fully to your project, empowering you with just the right resources you need to achieve your goals and purposes. That’s precisely the concept that our Meraki line operates by, at an amplified level.