Construction Management

Construction management is key to streamline your processes and warrant that every involved stakeholder in the project is held accountable for their project tasks.

With the support of such management, any issues can be identified and remediated early on without any hindrances and without compromising on the project’s end goal.

Our approach to construction and project management revolves around transparency, honesty, and mutually beneficial relationships. We’re your collaborative partner who measures and assesses each decision to calculate their impact on your budget, expected quality, and schedule. We have one objective in mind: to have your project completed on time, within budget, and free of legal complications. Therefore, we optimize the best industry practices, ensure prudent decision-making, and maintain transparency in project controls and reporting.

At Sweven, we have our unique structured approach to certify first-rate project delivery, bringing years of experience, intelligence, and creativity to the table with absolutely no risks derailing your entire project. With Sweven, agile management is the guiding principle!


Construction management services include


Collaborating with key personnel, stakeholders, and decision makers to assure the completion of project requirements and milestones according to the specified schedule


Accelerating shop drawings and samples for review and approval

Exemplary Standards

Upholding exemplary standards for site supervision throughout each and every phase of the construction project


Coordinating the activities and tasks of direct client vendors


Organizing weekly or bi-weekly site meetings as needed and preparing minutes of meetings within a maximum duration of 48 hours

Quality Assurance

Continuously arranging for inspections and testing as part of quality assurance