About Sweven

A visionary scheme.

At Sweven, every team member is driven by motivation. We always seek to be thought-provoking and are in continuous dialogues about the future of our industry and business.

By always opting to take the long-term view of envisioning our operations rather than a short-sighted approach, goal-oriented behavior is instilled in every part of our process. On that ground, “Sweven” reflects our culture, being an English word associated with visionary schemes, dreams, and aspirations.


AlQuds Construction to Sweven Construction

AlQuds Construction has been in the market ever since 2002, specializing in fast-track construction and handling numerous commercial and residential projects nationwide in Egypt, ranging from 500 square meters to 50,000 square meters.

With over 17 years of experience and more than 220 executed projects, AlQuds has established a solid reputation of being a multi-faceted company with boundless potential, passion, and dedication merged with competence and expertise that lead to superlative success.

With AlQuds now becoming Sweven, Sweven picks up right where AlQuds left off to build upon that prestigious reputation and further reformulate the construction management industry through exceptional customer service, quality in craftsmanship, and unmatchable value for money.

Today, Sweven is a general contracting company handling projects in the banking, corporate, hospitality, and retail sectors, in addition to catering to high-end finishing for villas via fast-track, high-quality, and high-end construction.



Our vision is to be the leading construction and fit-out company in Egypt & The Middle East.

For around 22 years, we have been innovating for our clients and are proud to have partnered with a variety of businesses classification on which supports their business plan and their graph of success.

We are a strategic construction service provider to the businesses with key strengths in education, healthcare, Banks, Hospitality, Administrative offices & commercial sector.

From modern and purpose-built construction and fit-out projects to delivering and maintaining banks, Hotels, Administrative offices, commercial units and our talented teams work to support our purpose.



At the centre of our team’s sight.

To provide the Hassle-free engineering journey to all of our project’s partners, and we’re elevating the standard of the construction industry in Egypt.



At the centre of our team’s sight.

  • Give respect, earn respect
  • Active listening to the client’s needs
  • Clients, Sweven & stakeholders = one team
  • Transparency is the currency of the trust


Core Values

Give Respect, Earn Respect.

Our staff members are a mirror of Sweven’s culture. We foster a workplace environment embodying earned respect. From the lowest position to leadership ones, our mutual respect for one another opens limitless channels of communication, high morale, passion, and loyalty. Our employee-management bonds are what empower us to deliver superior customer service to our clients, stemming from our internal people policy.

Active Listening to Clients’ Needs. 

At Sweven, we never dismiss your needs or ideas. We simply ask you the qualifying questions to offer you practical and feasible solutions to serve your needs better. Our number focus is to listen to every word you say, even between the lines, and accurately interpret your requirements; no assumptions, no imposing our own thoughts, no one-size-fits-all approaches. Even if your ideas are in the abstract phase, we assist you in breaking down a single need into multiple steps to mutually understand the scope of your project and delve into its intricate details.

Clients, Sweven, and Contractors = One Team.

We put an end to the conflict in the construction management industry. We’re aware of the reputation that has been established, conveying that the industry is known for its high levels of dispute and conflicts. At Sweven, those days are gone! Regardless of the number of parties involved, we place respectful communication at the core of our business. Our ultimate goal is to execute a replica project of how you envisioned, and we will always dissolve any conflicts through negotiation and TQM processes.

Transparency Is the Currency of Trust.

We’re equally invested in your project as you are, in the literal sense of the word. We value the trust you grant us when you select us as your construction management partner, and we go over and above our duties to ensure you receive a delightful service experience. While doing so, transparency, honesty, and integrity are the cornerstones of our encounters with you. We always circle back to you to ensure our services are meeting and exceeding your expectations. We live up to our words, our commitments, our quality of service, and our deadlines.