Client Care

Construction projects all over the world face some common challenges.

Including but not limited to: poorly defined objectives, budget constraints, time management, hazard management, and the list goes on. Throughout our 17+ years of experience, we’ve basically seen it all and we understand that conflicts exist in almost every project.

The most repetitive concern that unceasingly arises relates to how the quick-closeout procedure can be executed, its best practices, and what resources are in place to serve and maintain the space after move in. Understandably, newly established and constructed spaces demand observation and attentiveness to confirm that they’re running at optimal efficiency.

For that reason, Sweven’s Client Care team is ready to take the lead by coming into the scene during the last 5% of your project and carry on with supporting your space post-closeout. The team checks that your space is always operating as intended and running full speed! Why do we care? Because we ultimately believe that your project closeout plan has the potential to either make or break your project and have long-lasting implications.


Client care services include

Warranty Reviews


Commissioning the project and closeout

Project Permits

Ending all pending/open project permits

Deficiency Report

Developing a final premises deficiency report and disseminating it to all involved parties for completion of tasks relating to their scope of work

Comprehensive Records

Creating and submitting copies of all project closeout documents to provide you with a comprehensive operational record, including:

  • Drawings as built
  • Fire and hydro test certificates
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment manuals and warranties
  • Maintenance information packages

And, of course, answering your questions and inquiries anytime is part of our client care services!