Efficiently excelling throughout our execution.

Sweven provides a range of services that end up structuring a winning formula for tackling and managing your construction project effectively.


general work scope includes

* Including steel and concrete works.
** Including energy saving solutions.

Civil Works *

High-End Finishing

Landscape Works

Networking Works

Electrical Works

Plumbing Works

HVAC Works **

Fire Fighting Works

Smart Home Solutions



Since we aspire to be your construction management partner for life, we developed a 360-degree process to ensure comprehensive management for your projects from start to finish. With that in mind, we work with you from pre-construction to completion and everything in between as follows.



The most crucial element of any successful project is to identify its goals and objectives. This phase is one that needs to be structured to result in a well-defined outcome. To ensure the feasibility of your project and its profitability, the expertise of a competent construction manager can go a long way in supporting your success.


Construction Management

Construction management is key to streamline your processes and warrant that every involved stakeholder in the project is held accountable for their project tasks. With the support of such management, any issues can be identified and remediated early on without any hindrances and without compromising on the project’s end goal.


General Contracting

We wholeheartedly believe that fixed price contracts are only as good as the documents detailing and defining the project’s scope of work. Accordingly, the pre-tender stage and preparation of contract documents must be done with high attentiveness to portray a full, complete picture and understanding of the work scope.


Client Care

Construction projects all over the world face some common challenges, including but not limited to: poorly defined objectives, budget constraints, time management, hazard management, and the list goes on. Throughout our 17+ years of experience, we’ve basically seen it all and we understand that conflicts exist in almost every project.