General Contracting

We wholeheartedly believe that fixed price contracts are only as good as the documents detailing and defining the project’s scope of work.

Accordingly, the pre-tender stage and preparation of contract documents must be done with high attentiveness to portray a full, complete picture and understanding of the work scope.

At Sweven, we would be happy to thoroughly review all your trade tender packages and verify the efficacy of the key aspects of the project scope. We assess your project-specific documents, whether they include bids, proposals, or tender documents, drawings, project manuals, or more, to ensure your cash flows are perfectly optimized and that the plan is accurately conveyed.

By opting for Sweven as a general contractor, you’re guaranteed due diligence in transforming your design vision into a reality. Not only do we become responsible for the day-to-day overseeing of your construction site, but we also go the extra mile of managing your vendors and trades. We’re up to the responsibility!