The most crucial element of any successful project is to identify its goals and objectives.

This phase is one that needs to be structured to result in a well-defined outcome. To ensure the feasibility of your project and its profitability, the expertise of a competent construction manager can go a long way in supporting your success.

It’s best to seek consultations at the very early stages of project definition and even during design and development stages. When your expectations are aligned and reasonable, you eliminate any risks of missteps and mishaps during the implementation phase, which can be costly to revert. Not to mention, they lead to unnecessary delays.

At Sweven, we mitigate your anxiety by assessing every aspect of your project. From analyzing the potential of new spaces to creating control budgets and all the way to developing critical path schedules, we corroborate that every step you take drives limitless value to your business.


Precise pre-construction services include

Site Assessments

Establishing Project Control Budgets

Developing Critical Path Schedules

Building Mock-Ups for Decision Makers’ Review

Value Engineering

Commercial delivery

Pre-Ordering Identified Long-Lead Items

Obtaining Procurement Permits