Sweven Construction Receives a BUILD Award

Sweven Construction is thrilled to announce that we have received a BUILD Award for its administrative headquarters of Nestlé Froneri Ice Cream project, a global pure play ice cream company that’s widely diversified across the world, operating in 20 countries and a long-standing license partner of leading companies such as Nestlé and Mondelēz.

In its 18 years of experience, Sweven has completed many mega projects for international corporations, such as HSBC Bank, Nestlé, Porto Group, DHL and Froneri. 

The Froneri Head office was finished in a mere 28 days, and the success of this project paved the way for the award. Located in New Cairo on a project area of 780 meter squares, the key features of the project’s work scope included finishing works, electromechanical works, and furniture works for a total value of 2.1 million EGP for work undertaken.

BUILD magazine was originally considered the only magazine specializing in the field of construction. Today, it’s a quarterly digital publication dedicated to both the construction and property markets, availing the need-to-know updates and news in the world of construction and engineering, property, architecture, and design, while conveying the latest insights on sustainability and infrastructure.

Annually, the magazine distributes an award for each sector within the construction industry to showcase the most innovative leaders, creative brands, and dedicated firms shaping the industry in the modern era. 

Among the awards are the Build Home Builder Awards, Home & Garden Awards, Recycling & Waste Management Awards, Construction & Engineering Awards, Real Estate & Property Awards, Architecture Awards, Sustainable Building Awards, Infrastructure Awards, and Facilities Management Awards.

“Here at Sweven, our values in the fields of construction and engineering are that we are empathetic to the utmost degree and are very understanding of the requirements of our clients, whether engineering or financial, and we are also dependable to rely on us as we are professional,” said Director Kamel Shehata commenting on the award. “Our basic values do not change, but we develop them to keep pace with the developments around us, so we always strive to make more effort to identify the needs of our customers and study what we can provide to achieve their goals. We consider ourselves as partners with them and not just executives of their projects.” 

To apply, companies who want to showcase their work and have it featured fill in an online form respective to their fields, while in other instances, BUILD’s team nominates hand-picked projects they perceive to be worthy of spotlighting. Following the compilation of nominees, global votes are collected for a specific duration. 

Yet, votes aren’t the only determinant of the winners; rather, to ensure that the process isn’t tampered, a committee of 5 field experts is formed, headed by a certified academic leader, to validate that the awards are granted based on merit rather than votes.

Sweven takes pride in its selection for this award among the fiercely competitive market it’s located among. “The competition in this field is very strong and the most difficult thing is to be distinguished within a field like this,” asserts Eng. Shehata. “We have long experience in multiple lines within the field, which makes us able to offer more than one product that covers most of the market needs.”

Backed by our ISO certificates that highlight the internal management form of the company, work environment on the sites, and our strategy plan to ensure success, we’re confident that our approach to new projects ensures your differentiation in the market.“It has become imperative that we direct our efforts towards strategic market studies and make precise plans to win over these difficult challenges,” adds Eng. Shehata.

Indeed, at Sweven, we rely on studying, auditing, and effective attentiveness to the ever-changing developments in the fields of engineering and construction to keep up with its pace. Whether that’s on the customer requirements front or engineering value one, we’re determined to establish professional work teams that entirely rely on studying and training to ensure the fulfillment of the company’s vision and mission, meanwhile exhibiting our values and culture and putting them into action in the field everyday. With that always being in mind, since our inception almost two decades ago, we’ve had an unstoppable rise to success, expanding not only our service offerings, but also our client base.

Following the distribution of the awards, the winning companies from each sector are highlighted in BUILD’s digital magazine through interviews and features to demonstrate their impact and contribution to the industry at large and to the specialized sector they operate in. Stay tuned for our in-depth feature and one-on-one with Eng. Kamel Shehata for a glimpse into the inner workings of our award-winning business!