Rebranding AlQuds Construction to Sweven Construction

AlQuds Construction was over 17 years old in the market when the decision of rebranding it to Sweven came about. At the time, the company had cemented a position for itself in the fast-track construction industry, tackling above 220 commercial and residential nationwide in Egypt. The company was operated by infinite passion, drive and potential, but was starting to be perceived as the “jack of all trades, master of none.”

In actuality, that was far from the case. At the time, AlQuds was under the management of Eng. Kamel Shehata along with two founding partners, who each possessed extraordinary proficiencies and know-how that empowered them to apply their knowledge to a large and heterogeneous collection of projects.

While it’s true that AlQuds was a jack of all trades operating in diverse projects regardless of their size, it was the “master of none” part that wasn’t accurate. It was because AlQuds was very comprehensive and boasted solid expertise in each area that its market lost focus on what AlQuds’ differentiation point really is.

Upon analysis of AlQuds’ market perception and company standing, it became evident that the company’s market presence was shy of what could be achieved when considering its potential, resources, and experience. That was then a full market research was triggered.

For a full nine months, the team, with the support of marketing strategy consultants, studied the construction management company in-depth; analyzing its trends, the market players, where AlQuds stands in the market, its positioning, how the brand is perceived, potential for opportunities, and much more.

The study revealed empirical and pragmatic findings that had obvious practical applications, but the most striking finding that provided the clear-cut solution for the direction moving forward was the brand name.

AlQuds carried certain connotations in consumers’ minds that were leading to connections beyond the primary meaning and services of the company. These included religious, political, and other undermeanings that painted a subjective picture of AlQuds in the mindset of each consumer, and they were all far from the story AlQuds was trying to tell.

Accordingly, it was inevitable that the management team resolves this issue by speaking the language of its target market, and it was from there that another full-fledged study was executed to brainstorm brand names stemming from the construction management industry’s core and simultaneously reflecting everything that AlQuds stands for, telling its full story.

During the process, the key objective was to explicitly demonstrate what AlQuds is, and what it isn’t to put an end to the blurry positioning that was once present. After a rigorous cycle, Sweven blossomed and came around. An English term that’s associated with visions, dreams, and aspirations, Sweven was the on the mark brand name that reflects the company’s goal-oriented, thought-provoking, forward-looking methodology that guides the operations.

With the introduction of Sweven also came the pioneering of its sub-brands: REM (Rapid Eye Movement), Lucid, and Meraki. Our REM solutions are all about speed finishing, providing exceptional delivery times backed by matchless engineering capabilities without our customers having to cease their operations. As for Lucid, it’s for our visionary customers seeking high-quality finishing and accurate project implementations while receiving the best possible service. And finally, our Meraki services specialize in value finishing with optimization at its core, in both financials and resources, without having to go through any trade offs.

Furthermore, the legal business structure of AlQuds underwent a revamp. Originally, AlQuds was a sole proprietorship, which wasn’t compatible with the size of the projects the company had been taking on. When mega projects were involved, the business structure was always a question mark, mainly due to the risks of business debts, liabilities, and similar concerns. Today, Sweven Construction has been established as an LLC, Limited Liability Company, formalizing the company’s presence for now and the future.

To conclude, Sweven’s culture of respect, superior customer service, active listening to clients’ needs, and transparency, are its driving force that pave its way to success. With that in mind, the company’s final restructuring was an internal one, where a business development department was initiated to support the company’s direction moving forward. Today, this department caters to objectives relating to branding, market expansion, client acquisition, and further cementing the company’s positioning in the market. What’s more, it aims to foster the same culture adopted with clients to the internal culture among employees, from staff members to management personnel. After all, Sweven’s external culture can only be effectively communicated if it’s starting from within.

Overall, Sweven Construction was the sensible step that came just in time in parallel with our mission of becoming lifelong construction partners for every client we do business with, including the customer, design professionals, sub-contractors, and tradesmen, through our sustained provision of trailblazing engineering and financial solutions and services. The rebranding is a step among many steps Sweven aspires to take to heighten its capacities and capacities, to showcase the ultimate power of contracting engineers in Egypt and the MENA region at large.