Senior Cost Control Engineer

Job Category: Technical
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Cairo

Job Overview

Is responsible to prepare reports based on design and / or construction cost estimates and provide updates at regular intervals. Monitor and control the application of funds available for the project cash flow, cost analysis, variation orders, payments and other major financial factors, principally by comparison of funds available, funds expended, funds approved but not yet expended, and funds required for approval in the future. Upon receipt of a variation to the contract suggested by the Contractor, or the Consultant, he shall review its merit and forward it to the Construction Manager with his recommendation. Prepare cost estimates, as required by the Construction Manager and Project Administrator. Advise the project team with regard to claims avoidance strategies. Analyze all the correspondence and provide contractual interpretation and consequences.

Verify that the Consultant provides advice together with recommendations in a timely manner, after due consultation with the project team, in relation to claims submitted by the Contractor under the Construction Contract. Carryout procedures related to the smooth handing over and satisfactory completion of the project including closing of accounts.


  • Study& Pricing project file and prepare the required analyses and breakdowns.
  • Generate projects’ monthly cost control reports according to company’s standard form and associated back-up.
  • Provide Quantity estimates for progress payment purposes and update final quantity estimates based upon actual progress data.
  • Prepare Cash flow and submit monthly status analysis.
  • Prepare invoices payments for the project & sub-contractors’ in order to finalize any financial issues.
  • Prepare Variation analysis and estimates, and Analysis of costs of delay as required. Cost analysis of alternative means and methods as required.
  • Prepare project Cost Plan and submit its monthly status report & Follow up on the Productivity Team.
  • Prepare local purchase lists and sent them to the Procurement and Contracts Department for implementation.
  • Survey quantities of new claims or any variation as per the owner request in order to decide on the payment.
  • Review all cluster direct costs posted on a daily basis.
  • Review invoice status on monthly basis and highlight any major figures.
  • Analyze project expenses by trade and compare it to budget.
  • Analyze material purchase orders compared to budget as part of the review process for the monthly reports.
  • Disseminate budget information to all operating groups, providing clarification and additional information where required & Handle related special assignments if required.
  • Monitor the status and actual cost for labors, equipment, and sub-contractors progress including materials delivered, materials installed, materials dredged, labor resources employed, equipment resources utilized and other statistical management & Report critical items approaching overruns and budget performance of the total project.
  • Attend all progress meeting in site & arise critical issues to cost control manager if occurs & directly interface with Project Manager, consultant, & contractor for handling construction cost.
  • Attend periodic meetings with the Project Management Team to discuss the issues related to cost report (as a minimum on monthly basis).
  • Participate with the Executive Engineer and the Design Engineer to review the technical specifications of the bids submitted by suppliers and determine the most suitable in terms of technicalities & Use project management tools to monitor working hours, budget, plans and money spend.
  • Participate with the Head of Procurement and Contracts in selecting the most appropriate offers in terms of appropriate conditions of supply and best prices.
  • Coordinate project management activities, resources, equipment and information.
  • Contact the project manager on need basis and closely follow up with related staff.


  • Bachelor’s degree, architecture, civil engineering.
  • Determined at the time of recruitment.

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